Specifications of street parking in USA

Color designations of street parking

After definition the basics of car parking in USA in previous article,  now let’s chek some specifications of it you should know about In all cities of the US, it’s customary to designate parking spaces in color. A red curb indicates that parking is prohibited, a yellow curb is a restricted area – parking is allowed for cars but not trucks, green color of the curb means temporary parking (15-30 minutes) is allowed and finally, blue marking shows that a parking space is reserved for the drivers with disabilities.


According to local regulations, each uncolored curb is usually means the availability of unlimited parking. By the way, both green and gray areas can be of different sizes. Private parking spaces use the same principle of color designation. Also, the following important USA parking rules shouldn’t be ignored:

  • In addition to the popular illegal parking spaces, for example, in pits and at stops, be careful to avoid parking within a radius of 10 feet from a fire hydrant. As a ruler, the whole area surrounding the hydrant is marked in red, but this is not always so.
  • Restricted parking areas include the territory in front of the schools, hospital buildings as well as fire stations, which are often marked with a red border.
  • People with disabilities can use registration nameplates to get some privileges in terms of car parking, which are situated in designated areas near all public facilities.
  • You should always park your vehicle in the course of traffic and on the nearest side of the road. What’s more, parking lots can be arranged in a diagonal direction and inserted in such a unique way that the front part of your car faces the sidewalk. If you are accustomed to ride by small cars – this is a big advantage, as it’s very difficult to fit in the right place when driving SUV or 7-seater.
  • In case you choose parking lot on the hill, don’t forget to turn the car’s wheels, and turn the handbrake on. This is an absolutely legal requirement and penalties for its violation are prepared.
  • Parking near residential buildings in the city also imposes certain restrictions on you, and if you don’t have the appropriate permission attached to your car, you will be charged.

Special car parking signs in the USA

In all spots where parking is allowed, some restrictions may apply. Here’re some of the most common ones:

  • “Parking only for customers” – parking only for visitors is provided;
  • “No Parking” – parking is not allowed;
  • “No Stopping” – you shouldn’t stop at the side of the road;
  • “No Standing” – you can only stop for picking up or dropping off passengers only.