The 5 best hotels in Colorado

The Introduction:


For many families, holidays are the best time of the year and not only for the free time they can only enjoy this season of the year but for the possibility of sharing that time together. Many times a child is in college, the youngest child in high school and practicing a sport or playing a musical instrument, the father working and the mother attending his own work and home. So, exclusively in the holidays, they can feel together and in the family, this makes that, when the long-awaited time arrives, they want everything to be perfect and they do not improvise, because they start planning months in advance. The first thing they want is a beautiful and comforting place to travel and the second: the best possible hotel in which to stay when they have arrived at the site. The best hotel is defined by many factors and not only the quality of the service but also matters such as the location, the proximity to the places of interest, the availability of a car rental, the food that is offered, among other things. Colorado is a privileged place, internationally famous for the tourist facilities that allow skiing in Aspen, but also for its cold climate and beautiful landscapes. Car rental is in demand during this time. It is very useful as a mode of transportation. This is why a lot of Car rental businesses is being put up.

Here are the top 5 hotels in Colorado:

5.- The Oxford Hotel.

Oxford is one of the most recognized historic hotels in Denver, ideally located in the fabulous Lodo neighborhood and in close proximity to the hot spots of the city. Its 80 rooms are recreated with different decorations including luxury touches such as bathtubs with legs, pillow-top mattresses, or butler service. At the same time modern services such as free Wi-Fi, iPod dock and flat-screen TV, even so, some customers have considered these decorative styles of rooms outdated. It does not have a pool but offers ample entertainment with its beautiful spa and the acclaimed “Cruise Bar“, the oldest bar in the entire city of Denver. Car rental here is very feasible.

4.- Hotel Monaco Denver.

A kindly luxury boutique hotel offering all the basics of the amazing Kimpton chain, quirky decor, the exclusive one-hour free night wine, and the option to receive pets without problems, which not all places have available. The spa that this hotel has is already recognized as one of the best in Denver, and the elegantly decorated rooms; all with 37-inch flat-screen TV. Its lobby is one of the best-known interiors in the city.

3.- Hotel Teatro.

This great luxury hotel has 110 rooms and is located in a historic building on the street from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Despite being small compared to the competition, its rooms are sophisticated, it has two of the best haute cuisine restaurants in Denver, a marble lobby, and the various theater costumes that are displayed on its walls. However, it lacks some amenities that luxury properties have: pool and spa.

2.- The Ritz-Carlton.

This hotel has the most privileged location in the city, in addition to the incredible luxury of its rooms, these are at the same time the largest in Denver of all the hotels that exist in Denver. The large spa is absolutely first class, and also has a luxury gymnasium that guests can access at any time for free. Only the Four Seasons can be compared.

1.- Four Seasons.

Unquestionably the best, its qualified and attentive staff is its stamp. With a privileged location in Downtown, its rooms of enormous luxury make it one of the most desired destinations in Denver, there are people who travel to the city just to enjoy the accommodation at the Four Seasons. The good thing about it is that there are more car rental options around. It also offers all the features that a family would expect from a hotel of this magnitude: at any time of the year, you can enjoy your pool, even in winter as your pool is fully heated, large gym, and a spa with every imaginable luxury. All its features make it the best hotel, not only in the city, throughout the state of Colorado.

The conclusion:-

Any time of year is ideal to visit Colorado. However, the largest number of tourists enter the state in Winter. If a family is lucky that their vacation coincides with the Winter season, they will be able to enjoy the full experience that Colorado offers. It is always good to travel with your family, enjoy with your family and stay with your family. In any of these five hotels, any family can have the best lodging on the best trip of their life.