Travel Tips: Car Parking in the USA

If you booked a car rental in the USA, then any roads are open to you. Whatever car you choose Jeep rental in Colorado Springs or Toyota in Los Angeles – your journey will bring a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions. Beautiful landscapes, noisy energetic cities, the peace and quiet of deserted trails, and the speed disturbing blood on the highway – all this will be remembered for a lifetime. But in order not to darken such pleasant memories, you need to know where to park your rental car. Here’re some basic tips for your road trip to the USA.  And you can read about some specifications of street parking in USA  in next post.

General Requirements

As a rule, in the suburban areas there are no parking restrictions, perhaps, except for parking near the main roads and the city center. Some cities have special parking rules for peak hours on main highways, where in certain periods parking is allowed on any side of the street.

In winter, you can find a special sign – ‘snow-covered street’. Such places are most difficult in terms of clearing of snow. Therefore, in order to prevent your car from getting stuck, the authorities deliberately install warning signs. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Miami with its eternal summer.

Car parking time restrictions

Time restrictions are provided for car parking in the USA. For example, it’s forbidden to park from 9am till 11am on Monday – Thursday. Also, sometimes you can see signs that warn drivers about cleaning the streets, so that their car won’t be driven to the car park for violation of the parking conditions. It’s almost always held early morning from 2 am till 7 am.

Penalties for parking violations

Parking rules are monitored by city police and private agencies that closely look for violators. Some streets and districts are marked with a sign, where local services can tow your car for violation of parking rules. If towing is occurred, a fee should be paid to return your car.

Another way to charge violators is wheel blocks. In order to save a rental vehicle from this device, you must arrive at the station indicated in your penalty ticket, pay the unlock fee and return to your car to wait for the service staff.